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Gastrofix iPad POS system

GASTROFIX’s iPad POS Systems offer a modular, fully-integrated solution for your next-generation hospitality or hotel business: Use Apple iPads as stationary terminals and iPods or iPad mini as mobile handhelds — of course all are fully integrated and offline capable.

Ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, retail and hospitality

Gastrofix ipad pos system for restaurant and cafe

Cloud Based Ipad software giving real time data management and analysis. Manage, control and customize your operation to your liking by web-browser from any PC, Mac or tablet with your personal Restaurant Manager

The GASTROFIX iPad POS System helps you to easily stay organized in your restaurant. In addition to the intuitive interface which allows you to get going with little to no training, you can create over 60 meaningful reports that help you discover more insights about your restaurant


Employee Rights/Functions

  • Rights and functionality can be assigned to employee-groups and employees and comprise of ability to order (on tables, areas), void, split, payment-methods, apply rebates and discounts and much, much more.

Receipt Printing

  • Available per category or individual article and can print to one or more production printers in various formats including standard order ticket, course ticket, individual ticket, double ticket and more.

Table plan / Reservations

  • Graphical room layout with scrolling, zooming, table status display (free / occupied)


  • Re-order round by tapping on a formerly ordered item
  • Number of items can be set with + and – buttons
  • Optional items can now be posted directly in the table view
  • Access articles via category, fast-mover buttons or its PLU number
  • Administration of course (i.e., appetizers, mains, dessert)
  • 20/60-digit article description for screen and receipt / invoice printing
  • In House / Out House (To-Go) ordering with different tax-rates
  • Display of article name, total price, single price, PLU, to-go reference
  • Utilize an unlimited number of optional, mandatory, single and multiple constraints to optimize the order flow and eliminate server errors.
  • Instant cancellation / correction of orders for all servers
  • Unique and on-going order numbers per year (GoBD-conform)
  • Quick-Serving/Counter Service mode (for bakeries, shops etc.): Fast sales without the table interface. Ordering and pay in an optimized single screen.


  • Freely adjustable payment-methods; Credit card (Master, Visa, Amex), Invoices, Comps, Employee consumption, Breakage & Ullage, Training etc.
  • Instant item splitting of multiple parties without ever leaving the payment screen
  • Financial splitting: Pay specific amounts of a bill using different currencies or billing methods.
  • Invoice printing can be switched on or off and can even produce hosting slips.


  • Immediately possible during the ordering process at any time
  • Void orders that have been sent to production printers
  • Displays the remaining table content and canceled item
  • Automatic collection of scattered items
  • Void ticket control with continuous on-going void number per year

Additional checkout functions

  • The iOS status bar is displayed (time, W-LAN strength and battery status)
  • Automatic day closing (day is opened automatically and closed)

Gastrofix ipad pos system for restaurant and cafe

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Intergation to Accounting, Hotel PMS, Loyalty, Time and Attendance, Payment Interface
Suitable for Cafes, Bistro, Restaurant, Mobile Stores, Retail, Leisure Centres
Apple Hardware, Thermal Printers, Drawer. Apple Extreme and/or Express, SumUp
Flexible and low cost, Secure and easy to use, Installation and Support


Gastrofix Demo

Gastrofix ipad pos system for restaurant and cafe

Gastrofix ipad pos system for restaurant and cafe

Gastrofix ipad pos uk

Gastrofix ipad pos uk

Gastrofix ipad pos system for restaurant and cafe

Gastrofix ipad pos system for restaurant and cafe


Kepos Systems are based in London and are approved Partners of Gastrofix Ipad epos solution. The Gastrofix ipad pos system is suitable for coffee shops, restaurants, market stalls, bars and retail shops. Contact us for a free, no obligation, demo of the Gastrofix ipad pos system.