Android Pos System

Android POS System

POSLAB Eco Mini Android pos terminal, USB thermal Receipt Printer

Android pos system for cafe’s bistros and restaurants


A simple android based pos solution for only £995 plus vat. No monthly charges. (limited feature software)


POSLAB Eco Mini 9.7″ touch screen Android terminal

Star USB Thermal Receipt Printer

Cash Drawer

Android POS Software (limited feature)

Other options available – please ask

Comprehensive, but easy to use EPOS

The Android pos system consists of a FRONT END and a BACK OFFICE. The back office part is used to set up product and price data and screen layouts, and then to see sales data and management reports. The front end is used for selling and can also be used for stock and waste management and ordering to suppliers or head office.

AlfaRichi has a web-based BACK OFFICE so there is no need for a dedicated back office computer or server, no expensive IT maintenance costs and no worries about backing up data because that is done by us. The back office is accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone using a web browser and sales data from all shops is available in real time.

Android pos system can be installed in minutes – to try the software on your android phone or tablet visit Google Play Store and search for Alfapoint

android pos system

Data storage and on-line access to data using web browser

No server needs to be installed and maintained on your side. All data is stored and backed up on our secure servers. All data and product setup is available online via web browser. No software installation is required and you can use any computer or mobile device to see the data. It can be desktop, laptop computer, android touch tablet, Apple iPAD or even smart phone with internet browser. Google chrome web browser should be used.

Scalability and Compatibility

Whether you have 1 shop or 100 shops, the software and the way to use it is the same. Adding a till or a shop can be done in minutes. The android pos system supports an unlimited number of named price plans, discount and promotion plans, layouts and ordering plans, and these can be used in shops as needed (different shops can use the same or different plans).You can manage retail shop or restaurant sales together with mobile sales.


Sales and Profit reports

All reports were carefully thought about to enable you to see pertinent data and help you to increase profit, optimise stock and reduce loss.You will be able to make strategic decisions based on correct up-to date information structured in an optimised and easy to read way. When needed, you also have access to detailed information down to individual transactions by individual staff members.

Web users and configurable access levels

Unlimited number of web users can be set up, each with different login name and password.

For each user it is possible to define which units (shops, mobile units, wholesale customers) are accessible and which features/reports are available. Access can be limited to read only or write access can be given to selected areas such as pricing, product creation, layouts, order plans, order adjustment etc.

Examples of users are: Owners (access to everything), Head office Admin (access to most things), Area managers (access only to the shops they manage), Accountants (access to VAT reports), Production (access to picking lists and delivery reports, etc.) Our android pos system is ideal for a Franchise type operation



Real time control of your business

All tills and terminals communicate in real time with the data servers and you access up to the minute sales and stock data.

Sending new prices, promotions, discounts etc. to multiple shops can be done in less than 1 minute. Updates can also be scheduled in advance to be done, for example, when shops and offices are closed.

Real time text messages can be sent as well to individual tills, to selected shops or to all shops simultaneously

Ordering, Deliveries and Invoicing

Ordering can be done on the tills or Android pos tablets based on ordering plans. Ordering plans describes which products can be delivered on which days and what are the order days and cut off times.

Wholesale customers can place orders directly on line or you can take orders over the phone and enter them yourself on AlfaLine. Suggested orders based on previous week’s sales and waste.

Standing orders based on previous weeks order with management of special orders (orders that do not update standing order)



Price management, discounts & promotions

Multiple pricing plans are possible and each one has separate eat in and take out prices and VAT codes for each product.

Multiple discounts can be defined and each discount can be restricted to a specific category of products

Promotion possibilities are almost endless and include multi-buy, fixed price or reductions or free products based on selected product combinations (6 lists are available with unlimited products in each list), day and time dependencies (happy hour, reduced to clear, etc.)

Staff Management

All Staff details are entered centrally and each staff member can be set to work in one or more shops.

The same login details are used for each staff member in any shop where they are able to work.

There are different passwords for those staff that can access management functions.

AlfaLine reports show detailed operations for each staff member as well as a summary of the total number of sales, cancels, voids, etc., per staff member to highlight the best staff and to reduce theft.


Hospitality features

Table Management

Customer tabs

Take orders directly at tables (using AlfaPoint on Android pos tablet or smartphone)

Easy entry of menus and product options – new staff can start straight away without having to learn the menus and product option because they appear automatically when they start selling or taking orders

Printing directly to kitchen and bar

Cocktail options and instructions

Products and screen layouts

Adding a new product can be done in less than one minute including creating the product, setting prices and adding to till screen layouts

Product properties include: Name, Nominal code, Group, Categories, Sales Message, Product note, Bar Code, Shelf life, cost, ingredients

Multiple screen layouts can be created with unlimited number of pages and product buttons

Stock and waste control

See all delivery problems (overs/shorts/unfit) and damage and waste as declared in the shops

See current stock of all products based on last declared stock and subsequent stock transactions

Recipes, delivery packs and shop reconciliation

Setup recipes for use of ingredients in shops and restaurants, and setup the delivery packs (cartons of drink cans, etc)

The android pos system knows everything that has gone into a shop/restaurant (including ingredients and packs), everything that has been sold, damaged or wasted, and when stock is entered a shop reconciliation report highlights what is missing



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Want to buy the Android hardware only?

POSLAB Eco Mini 9.7″ android tablet £365 +vat

STAR USB Thermal Printer £160 +vat

Cash Drawer £65 +vat

Shipping £25 +vat