Casio Cash Registers

With large LCD user and customer displays, as well as twin station ultra-quiet thermal receipt printers, the Casio SE-S3000 cash register is one of the most popular retail cash registers available. A fantastic entry level cash till, the SE-S3000 features 30 sales departments and 7000 product look-ups – ideal for small to medium size enterprises. SD card functionality speeds up programming over multiple tills, and also allows report extraction onto a spreadsheet – much faster than manually typing up an audit roll. Reciept customisation available

Product features

  • Dimensions 220(H) x 400(W) x 450(D) mm
  • Output 58W. 0.26A.
  • Supplier Model Number SE-S3000
  • Voltage 220-240V
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Weight 12 kg
  • 30 Sales departments

Casio SE-C3500 electronic cash register suitable for bars and clubs

The innovative 10-line LCD screen offers both customers and operators a faster way to trust and complete transactions successfully. Featuring a calculator function as standard, the Casio SE-C3500 cash register can store up to 3,000 price look-ups across 50 clerks, equipping a growing business the opportunity to provide efficient service times during busy periods.


The Casio SE-C3500 can print operating instructions straight from the till, which makes simple changes such as resetting the date or time a quick and easy adjustment. Treated with an anti-bacterial formula to prevent the propagation of bacteria and mould, this model is ideal for environments with high sanitation practices

The TE-2200 electronic cash register is a reliable partner for use in retail; multi-functional, convenient and easy to use. The clear user display, the pre-defined text keys and the fast 2-station thermal printer are tailored to meet the requirements of everyday business.


CASIO LCD technology represents excellent quality. The multi-line LCD user display of the TE-2200 ensures optimum readability, even in difficult lighting conditions. You can set the contrast to suit your requirements. The electronic cash register has an 8-character numeric customer display which can be extracted and rotated.

The TE-2200 provides receipts in record time. The powerful high-speed thermal printer is impressive thanks to its high printing speed and quality, and can even print watermarks and graphic logos. It has a 58 mm till roll and can print up to 14 lines per second. The “drop in” paper loading system makes changing the paper roll quick and easy.

The TE-2400 electronic cash register has intelligent functions that allow it to operate more flexibly on an everyday basis. The clear user display, the pre-defined text keys, the fast 2-station thermal printer and the integrated drawer show that the TE-2400 stands for intelligent usability and makes your working processes much simpler.


The Casio TE-2400 features a 77 key fully flat keyboard for fast order registering, high speed dual printers and a bright customer display making it ideal for the hospitality environment.