Professional Ipad pos system from Gastrofix – ideal for restaurants In fact ideal for most business in the hospitality trade. Gastrofix, made in Germany, is the tried and tested ipad pos software that is reliable and user friendly. It is cloud based but can work offline with no issues. Multiple ipad tills can work in quick sync with no loss of data using the localised LAN network setup. Gastrofix can also be installed as app on iphone that can be used for tableside ordering. Professional Ipad pos system from Gastrofix – ideal for restaurants Call 0800 689 1030 to book a demo A Cash-Register onRead More →

Wireless handheld ordering for restaurants Pi Electronique Pi Handy restaurant tableside ordering system gives you the accuracy of orders, as it eliminates server error when taking orders, and speeds up the efficiency of service, both of which contribute to a better customer experience. Pi Handy is reliable, easy to use, it fits in the palm of your hands, and has write on screen message capability. Using Pi Handy will also cut on labor costs as less staff will be required to run your restaurant. Its time to ditch the pen and paper way to take orders at tables. Our PI handy will do the job.Read More →

Wireless handheld ordering waiter pad A very handy wireless tableside restaurant ordering pos system that fits into the palm of your hands. It not the size of an ipad or android tablet. And it is not PC based. Pi Electronique is unique. Its a reliable and a dependable pos system that is purpose built for restaurants. It use proprietary hardware and software and using its RF Technology the Wireless Handy communicates seamlessly with the main pos to send orders to kitchen/bar printers. This pos system with its reliabilty is ideal for any restaurants where tableside ordering is required, inside or outside. The PI wireless HandyRead More →