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Coffee Shop Epos Till

Coffee Shop Epos Till

The mind boggles! Confused, not sure what you want. Buy an expensive coffee shop epos till system or just a simple cash register. Shall I get a touch screen cash register? Oh wait, I have seen a nice ipad pos system. What about credit card payments? Indeed the mind boggles!

The choice is yours!

At Kepos Systems we have it all, from simple cash register to computerised epos system with integrated chip and pin solution. And even an ipad solution.

How much will it cost?  Are there monthly charges? What about after sales support?

We have epos tills and cash registers to fit most budgets. A decent and reliable electronic cash register can be bought from us from as little as £195 plus vat. This includes initial programming or setup, delivery (London only) and we show you how to work it. A years warranty included. There, you just found a till for your coffee shop.

No, Not what you want, Something more! We have more! You want best pos system for coffee shop.

How about a touch screen cash register that is PC based, easy to use, all menu items pre programmed. Just press the right buttons. No mistakes. Always charge the correct amount. How much? I hear you ask. A typical pc based epos till system that consists of ePOS terminal with OS and epos software, thermal bill printer and cash drawer will set you back £1190 plus vat. Includes programming, delivery (London only) and we will train you. Of course, free telephone support too and no monthly charges.

That looks promising, but want it to also…..

Print in kitchen, Customer display or screen and Chip and Pin integration. All possible and at extra cost. Just ask us for free no obligation quotation and demonstration.


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More possibilities

Add kitchen printer or kitchen screen to speed up process

Add handheld device for tableside ordering using android tablet

Integrate chip and pin and make payment process easy

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If you prefer, we also have a reasonably priced cloud based epos software from YumaPOS that starts from £35 per month plus vat. Yumapos epos software (SaaS) includes

  • Dine in
  • Delivery
  • Quick service
  • Full inventory suite
  • Built in marketing (email, SMS, push notifications)
  • Staff scheduling
  • Multiple table plans
  • Multiple delivery zones linked to google maps
  • 52 individual reports exportable in CSV and PDF formats
  • Many more features