wireless tableside restaurant ordering pos system

wireless tableside restaurant ordering pos system

Wireless handheld ordering waiter pad

wireless tableside restaurant ordering pos system

A very handy wireless tableside restaurant ordering pos system that fits into the palm of your hands. It not the size of an ipad or android tablet. And it is not PC based. Pi Electronique is unique. Its a reliable and a dependable pos system that is purpose built for restaurants. It use proprietary hardware and software and using its RF Technology the Wireless Handy communicates seamlessly with the main pos to send orders to kitchen/bar printers. This pos system with its reliabilty is ideal for any restaurants where tableside ordering is required, inside or outside.

The PI wireless Handy is VERY easy to use: its touch screen, no PLU codes, just touch the screen on the item you want to use, its the best for restaurant tableside ordering system

It is very fast and “intuitive” during use, the full training takes less than one hour!

Further benefits include handwriting mode you can write on the Handy the same way as a normal pad your writing will then printed out in the kitchen, if you have made a mistake in entering or the quantities have changed you can draw on the screen as you would a writing pad

The Handy system has been specially conceived for restaurant area use. It is not an “assembly” of a palm, plus a radio card, plus a battery, plus…but the whole, including antenna, is gathered in a compact box system.

Its screen is 50% to 120% larger than the classical organizers, so it is easier to use: more articles in direct sales, direct view on the order, easier to read with bigger characters.

Handies are directly linked to PI Electronique POS, not to PC (not windows so it’s faster and more reliable). And of course, the PI Handy has the “know-how” of PI Electronique on the hospitality business!

And because there is always a “but”, Handy doesn’t know how to phone people, play games, or play music.