Pi Electronique Restaurant Epos System


Increase your restaurant’s revenue and customer satisfaction with the PI Electronique Restaurant epos system; it’s the only ePOS system that can help you generate increased cost savings! Pi Electronique Restaurant POS systems are ideal for use in hospiltality, table side mobile ordering using the Pi hand held wireless device, sending customer orders to drinks and food dispense printers, printing meaningful customer bills and end of day reports with statiscal analysis.

The PI Electronique Restaurant Epos System is designed exclusively for restaurants to speed up the ordering process and to reduce labour costs. If you want a tableside ordering system in your restaurant, the PI Electronique Restaurant epos system will fit seamlessly into your place. The PI Electronique Restaurant epos system communicates directly by sending orders from the table straight to the kitchen for food and by dispatching drinks orders directly to the bar. On top of that, the waiting staff also has the option of writing in any specific messages that they want for each order. The messages will be relayed and sent to the printer. Your waiting staff will remain on the restaurant floor, thus providing a quality service to patrons at the restaurant. In our opinion one of the best pos system for restaurant.

Many customers have specific orders about the drinks and the food that they want served. The PI Electronique Restaurant epos system allows you to send exact orders so that the food is prepared quickly and according to the specifications of the customer. You can also program the PI Handy to do upsells and recommend specific dishes at the restaurant. Ultimately, it all boils down to a massive increase in cost savings for your restaurant and a much higher turnover.

Replace Hand-Written Waiter Pads

Gone are the days when waiters had to stand with a pad to take down the order. Waiters often skip certain instructions, and there’s also a chance that something might not be jotted down properly. With the help of this tableside ordering device, you won’t have to worry about frustrated waiters or angry customers!

Reliable Wireless Tableside Ordering System That Replaces Waiter Pads!

You Don’t Have to Worry About Wi-Fi Dropouts, Frustrated Waiters, or Angry Customers!

Run Your Restaurant in a Hassle-Free, Efficient Way!

Download tableside-ordering-with-pi-electronique

PI Electronique pos system
  • Comes with a sharp and vivid 8” or 15” screen display
  • Can be mounted on a wall or affixed on a stable bar top stand
  • Tempered touch glass panel for maximum durability and prevention against breakage
  • Waterproof bezel around the screen to prevent damage from spills
  • Intuitive display designed for maximum customer convenience
  • Design and build quality are state of the art and suitable for use in restaurants
  • Comes equipped with a Dallas key and a magnetic card reader
  • Completely fanless and solid-state build – no moving parts inside
  • Comes replete with ports for different peripherals
  • Can be used to interface with reservation systems in hotels
  • You can also add loyalty programs and a lot more as per your requirements

This is the only restaurant EPOS system that guarantees a safe and secure transition from the pen and pad to a state-of-the art wireless tableside handheld ordering system. The age old concept of using a pen and pad to take down orders is fast becoming obsolete for many reasons. It’s tremendously time-consuming, extremely difficult to manage, leads to paper wastage (environmental concerns), and most importantly, there’s a serious risk of human error involved.

Think about it:

  • How can you make sure that whatever items leave the bar or the kitchen are paid for accurately?
  • How can you create more opportunities for your company’s staff to upsell?
  • How can you reduce your labour costs without affecting your company’s quality of service or lowering your standards?
  • How can you increase the average spending per customer whilst also improving your customer service?

With the PI Electronique Restaurant epos system, you can actually do all of this, and at a relatively affordable price too! The system is designed to improve productivity in the restaurant and give you greater savings so that you are able to maximise your profits. The PI Electronique tableside ordering device was developed with a lot of care by a group of highly experienced professionals that have complete understanding of the hospitality industry. Almost two thirds of the staff that were involved in the design of the PI Electronique Restaurant epos system have operated in the hospitality business in the past.

All types of staff involved in the smooth operations of the restaurant, like the restaurant managers, floor managers, waiters, and kitchen staff have been factored in as the integral components in the development of this program. The main purpose of the PI Electronique Restaurant epos system is to maximise your restaurant’s profitability by eliminating all negative aspects involved within the hospitality industry. According to estimates, you can get a complete return on your investment within six to nine months of the installation.

It is the most advanced restaurant EPOS system designed for use in all kinds of restaurants, making it extremely easy for people to order food through a wireless network. The reason why this system is better than others is because it focuses on the restaurateur’s needs. Once you have set up the system, it will be able to relay useful information directly to the manager of the restaurant in a quick, effective way. Using the latest in terms of technology, this system is able to deliver top-of-the-line results through a usable, highly intuitive interface.

Versatile System

The highly versatile PI Electronique Restaurant epos system is suitable for all kinds of restaurants. Whether you are running a relaxed brasserie or a busy restaurant, it will adapt automatically to your speed of use and it won’t be long before the place starts saving you lots of money, ultimately leading to a hike in your profits. Move into the 21st century with a state-of-the-art ordering system and start saving money on your daily restaurant operations! Best epos system for restaurant

  1. How Can the Wireless Ordering System Help Increase My Restaurant’s Profits?

The wireless restaurant ordering system dispatches the order directly to the kitchen and the bar, which means that the customers are served in a better way. Moreover, this leads to an increase in the restaurant’s table turnover, ultimately leading to higher incomes and greater customer service because the waiters are always in reach.

  1. How Expensive Is the Handy?

The Handy, wireless ordering device, is not an expensive solution at all, especially when you consider the fact that it makes very effective use of the waiting staff. In some situations, you can also reduce your waiting staff to save money on payroll too.

  1. How Easy Is It to Use?

Most people think that the Handy is a complicated device and that it would take quite a while for people to get to grips with it. That’s not true at all. In fact, the Handy is extremely simple: it comes with a basic touch screen and there are no PLU codes with it either. The full training process takes less than an hour! There are also additional features; you can use the handwriting mode on the Handy just like a normal writing pad to put in special messages with each other (they will be printed on the receipt).

The wireless tableside ordering device was specifically made for use in restaurants; it wasn’t retrofitted with the specific parts just so that it could be recycled in the hospitality industry. The compact box system contains everything that you need to get the Handy started. The screen size is also 50-120% bigger than conventional organising tools.

  1. Will the Handy Affect My Relationship with Consumers?

The Handy is small enough to fit the palm of your hand, which means that the operator won’t waste a lot of time using it. Skilled waiters can also talk to their clients while they are using the device! The best thing is that, even after taking the order, the waiter can move to the POS, but still stay close to the customers in case they need something else or have a question.

  1. Do Customers Prefer the Handy?

When a customer first sees the waiters using this futuristic device, they are positively impressed. It shows that your restaurant is adapting to the latest in terms of technology and investing money to make the ordering process much simpler for your clients.

  1. What about the Battery Life?

A lot of people have questions about the battery life on the Handy. The Handy can work smoothly for up to 15 hours without requiring a charge. In simple terms, this means that up to 150 tables can be catered to before the device needs to be recharged. It recharges within an hour and is also extremely durable. It can handle shocks quite well, and won’t break easily.

  1. What’s So Different about It?

Unlike other devices which have simply been recycled for use in the hospitality industry, the Handy is one of the only devices that was solely made for use in restaurants. As a result, it comes with many functions that you won’t otherwise find in ordinary devices. It’s packed in a compact box and is linked directly to the PI Electronique restaurant epos system rather than to a PC (this makes it much faster and a lot more reliable than conventional PCs).

The Kitchen Screen

When used in tandem with the kitchen screen, the full usability of the PI Electronique restauarnt epos system comes to life. Once you have it, you won’t be able to imagine running your restaurant without it! It’s one of the most innovative tools available in the market, and just like all of the other PI Electronique products, it’s ideal for use in all kinds of establishments.

The Kitchen screen is the latest product of PI Technologies and has the same effect as the rest of the PI products, when you’ve got it, you can’t do without it. With the Kitchen screen set in the network the chef can send messages to the Handy making orders sat on the side a thing of the past, the chef can alert the waiters to let them know that an order is ready.

To make it even faster there is the option to set pre written messages, which you can send to individual waiters. There are also individual alarms for the handy, you can also compose your own. As not all the waiters check their handy when it beeps.

The kitchen screen is a very useful tool for the Chef:

* Sending messages to the handy.
* Sending alarm sound to the handy (when the dishes are ready for example).
* Manage the daily dishes (the chef can load the number of each dish he can serve and every time one of the dishes is sold, it is subtract on the kitchen screen. When there’s no more of one of the daily dishes, the window on the handy and the sales touch is blocked and the waiter can’t sell it anymore). Advanced stock control screen. For all products set for stock control can be viewed if set.
* Restaurant table map (you can view a plan of the table plan, press on a table and it will show what that table has ordered or if a bill has been made).
* The Kitchen screen Terminal can also be programmed and used as a sales POS.

Next steps…

The Pi Electronique restaurant epos system is available through Kepos Systems LTD, one of the leading companies in London offering a range of affordable ePOS systems for retail stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes. We can provide an extensive range of ePOS systems that are suitable for meeting a wide range of requirements in larger or smaller establishments. The products and services provided are focused on meeting your growing business needs. We can also offer leasing as a way to spread payments over 3 to 5 years. Leasing is subject to credit checks and is available to sole traders, start ups, and limited companies. Call today on 0800 689 1030 to arrange a demo