Sewoo LAN thermal receipt printer


Sewoo TS400EB LAN  thermal receipt printer





Sewoo LK-TS400EB front loading thermal network printer (3″, USB + Ethernet, 220mm/s)


• Small and compact design to enable businesses to save space on your counter, this reliable and robust printer offers front paper loading and exit which offers businesses flexibility.

• Spillproof function that provides superior resistance to spill with a sealed top for extra protection.

• High speed printing at a rate of 220mm per second which will save time in a rapid service environment like a restaurant or busy retailer.

• ESC/POS command compatible to enable a high level of compatibility with most POS hardware.

• Dimensions (WxHxD): 130 x 154 x 140 (mm).

• Available in black.

• Accepts standard 80mm till roll that can be purchased on our website.


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