Sam4s Cash Registers and epos tills

Sam4s Epos Till Systems

Sam4s cash registers epos tills are low cost and reliable. They are feature rich and are suitable for most types of businesses.

Kepos Systems Ltd are based in London and have supplied and installed  sam4s epos till systems  since 2000 to many cafes, bars, restaurants and retail stores. Sam4s cash registers are relaible, easy to use and setup. We do the full range of Sam4s Cash registers and epos tills systems that includes touch screen cash registers as well as PC Based pos terminals

SAM4S SPS-2200 epos touch screen till The 15” ROM based terminal has stable and reliable software taken from the Sam4s SPS-2000 epos till and is ideal for both Hospitality and Retail Solutions.
The latest, high performance, solid state onboard flash memory negates the need for unreliable hard drives and unnecessary operating systems.
Night Clubs, Bars and the Leisure Industry find the reliability of the Sam4s SPS-2200 epos till perfect for their demanding work load in hostile work areas.
Features & Benefits of Sam4s cash register and epos till.

  • New 15″ TFT LCD Colour Touch Panel.
  • Operating System – Embedded Linux.
  • Maximum PLU Status Groups 99.
  • Maximum PLU’s 65,000.
  • Maximum Clerk 99.
  • Training Mode.
  • Up to 10 Discount Rates.
  • Table Management.

Optional Extras

MSR Reader.
MSR/Dallas Reader.
2-Line Rear Display.

SAM4S SPS-500 series
The new Sam4s SPS 500 series cash registers now available. There are 2 models.SAM4S SPS-520 epos tills, Twin Station 57mm Thermal PrinterSAM4S SPS-530 Single Station 80mm Thermal PrinterFeaturing a hybrid design, SAM4s has combined fast and simple cash register keyboard with an intuitive touch screen
operator display. The SPS-530 till is easily configured for your food, beverage, or retail business and provides the functions and
options you need to meet your point of service needs.
sam4s sps 520f - Sam4s Cash registers epos tillsLeaflet
SAM4S NR-510F cash register
Ideal for all kinds of hospitality operations. Special features provide for everything from fast food outlets to café, restaurant, fine dining, bars, & night clubs.This model has the same printing options as the ER-510R but with a splash-proof, flat keyboard with 76 programmable PLU & function keys. In addition to the print options on the ER-510R the printer can be used for printing restaurant table bills at the end of the meal.
Sam4s-NR-520R-Cash-Register - Sam4s Cash registers epos tills


SAM4S NR-510R / NR-520 cash register Ideal for all kinds of retail operations just like the ER-510R but with receipt & journal printers. This is vital where a customer receipt is issued with every transaction & a real-time printed audit roll is required.Providing a receipt with every transaction help to ensure correct information is entered into the cash register & provides proof of purchase. This model has a retail style keyboard with 48 raised buttons, 36 of which are programmable to provide user friendly, efficient operation.Sam4s-NR-520R-Cash-Register
SAM4S ER-940/945 cash registerThe ER-900 series of Tills are designed with a bright Alpha-Numeric display along with a range of keyboard designs including Raised or Flat for all Hospitality and Retail situations.

The ER-900 Series also has Single (Receipt) or Twin Station (Receipt & Journal) Thermal Printers plus numerous features such as scanning and check tracking to ensure the register is suitable for all environments.